Toronto-based painter Liang Wang is currently hosting a solo exhibition at Taiwan’s Arcade Art Gallery. Portraying landscapes, street scenes and everyday people by using acrylic and oil on canvas, Wang’s current subject are various locations across Taiwan, trying to evoke personal memories and stir up new creations by returning to his birth place.

“For the first time in nearly three decades, Liang has returned to the place of his birth. His intent is to reclaim a lost personal heritage and experience his native culture firsthand. This new series of work brings the discovery of something new, yet oddly familiar, to life,” said the gallery in a statement.

Across Never Left, Wang focuses on the themes of identity, memory and nostalgia, filling the canvases with colorful brushstrokes that capture his new adventure. “His sensitive observation of the Taiwanese experience attempt to forge connection, and create non-existent memories to compensate for his many years abroad.”

See some of the works by Liang Wang in the gallery below and visit Arcade Art Gallery’s website for more information.

Posted by:Staff