It’s no secret that most can’t all afford a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Chanel. For this reason, some turn to underground counterfeit markets, where particularly in Korea, shoppers look mostly for Louis Vuitton fakes, resulting in, as its customs service reports, the brand becoming Korea’s most-seized luxury label.

Since 2017, the Korean government’s customs officials confirmed 432 individual items seized and 191 cases executed just this year which mostly includes fake bags, shoes, or branded scraps of fabric. The other two brands particularly in-demand after LV are imitations of Gucci and Chanel, numbering 340 and 231 snapped up pieces in the past three years.

Chosun Biz quotes a customs representative who emphasizes a need for stricter crackdowns on replica products. Now, imagine if we estimate the fake merchandise value had it been real: Louis Vuitton’s haul would’ve weighed in at ₩193.5 billion KRW (approximately $166 million USD), the fake Chanel would’ve been worth ₩90.2 billion KRW (approximately $77.4 million USD) and the Gucci goods would’ve retailed for about ₩51.3 billion KRW (approximately $44 million USD).

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