Installed at Eskişehir’s Odunpazari Modern Museum, Turkey, a new kinetic installation by Munich-based artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski is an interactive work of machine wonder. Inspired by the mechanical structures of Jean Tinguely, it has got its name after one of the world’s first computer programmers Ada Lovelace.

The free-floating tool made of a transparent, membrane-like globe—filled with helium and studded with charcoal spikes—is controlled by humans with their own movement, but creates its own work of art by marking the white walls, ceiling, and floor of the room it’s installed in. The ever-evolving series of patterns and signs become part of the creative realm in which emerges a complex structure with its own symbolic language.

ADA will be in motion at the museum from now until April 12.

Odunpazari Modern Museum
Şarkiye, Atatürk Blv.
No: 37 26020
Odunpazarı/Eskişehir, Turkey

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