Josh Sperling has unveiled new, sprawling sculptural pieces for his debut solo exhibition that will take place in Shanghai’s Perrotin gallery. The exhibition follows the New-York-based artist’s DONUT light sculptures launch with Case Studyo this past September.

“Illusion is also very important to me: the underlying structure gives the illusion of something, it is mysterious… When the squiggles are skinnier they have one central layer, in the middle they have two and when they are very large they have three. That is a result of wanting to give the work an organic life-like feel, like the rings of a tree that grows with layers,” said Sperling in a statement.

Recurrent forms such as SquigglesComposites and Double Bubbles are mounted across the gallery space, with addition to a new range of circular mandala-like arrangements.

“Throughout these forms on display, Sperling experiments with minimal tones, gradients, and also the entire removal of color. Without tones, the viewer is left to examine the formalist puzzle-like ingenuity of the component constructions without interruption—a striking advancement that’s impossibly bold and contemplative in equal measure,” said the gallery.

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