Taiwanese artist John Yuyi’s first solo exhibition titled Eye Sees No Lashes is currently on display at TAO ART. The complex sphere of social media and its effects on identity is a continuing subject of exploration for the visual artist.

The exhibition, co-directed by American curator Robin Peckham, features a handful of installations and artworks imagined with cut-out eyes, distorted faces and conceptual prints, such as plant-like artworks that sprout from light brown gravel with each leaf decorated with cut-out images of various eyes. Elsewhere, thin fabrics depicting distorted faces hang on the walls of the space. In another room is a tall mannequin with blue hair wearing a dress printed with a face that spreads out onto the floor.

Take a look at some of the artworks below. Eye Sees No Lashes is on display at TAO ART in Taiwan until February 20.

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