A new addition to Netflix’s list of romance movies is Sam Levinson’s Malcolm and Marie, starring Euphoria’s (also Levinson’s work) Zendaya and John Washington.

The story follows a filmmaker, (Washington), and his girlfriend, (Zendaya), on their way home from a film premiere as they discuss former lovers and past relationships. It is an ode to the great romances of Hollywood.

The streaming giant is planning an Academy Awards campaign for the black and white film after the streaming service acquired it for $30 million (£22 million) following the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

As mentioned, Levinson is the film’s writer and director, joined by Kid Cudi and Yariv Milchan as executive producers.

“I am so grateful to this cast and crew, many of whom are my Euphoria family, for coming together during such uncertain times. We felt privileged to be able to make this film together and we did so with a lot of love. We are all thrilled that it has ended up with Netflix which is unparalleled in allowing filmmakers the freedom to tell their stories that reach audiences all over the world.”

Malcolm and Marie is due to premiere on February 5 on Netflix.

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