Jennie of BLACKPINK has recently opened her own YouTube channel, to celebrate her 25-th birthday. Relatively uncommon for K-pop stars to have their own YouTube channels, “Jennierubyjane Official” will focus on daily life and fun times.

In the “Hello world . From Jennie” introductory video for the channel, Jennie notes that she decided to pick up the camera and share her daily life to mark her birthday this year. Moving on, Jennie shows off her daily look centered around a vintage Chanel necklace before sharing a cover of Mandy Moore’s “When Will My Life Begin?” While lip singing her cover, we are treated to a brief look inside her home and scenes of her dog Kuma. Wishing a thank you to fans for helping celebrate her birthday, Jennie also promises more videos in the future.

Watch the introductory video for Jennie’s official YouTube channel below.

Posted by:Staff