Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean has returned with another print edition of his high-gloss surrealist composition Forager III, after launching a print in homage to Leonardo da Vinci.

“The Forager convenes with the council of miniature sprites in a sylvan glen, the figures delicately illuminated with holographic foil and dimensional details,” described Jean in a statement. “This elaborate print features a new evolution to our process: after much research and experimentation, we are finally able to achieve a special dew-like gloss that had previously been an elusive dream.”

Each print features sculptural glass-like details and enhancements. The work measures 20 inches wide and 15 inches tall. The edition is limited by the number of prints sold during a duration of 24 hours starting January 19 at 8 am PST until January 20 at 7:59 PST on James Jean’s website.

Posted by:Staff