Justin Aversano is an American Photographer. He’s the founder of SaveArtSpace “ a non-profit organization that works to create an urban gallery experience, launching exhibitions that address intersectional themes and foster a progressive message of social change. By placing culture over commercialism, SaveArtSpace aims to empower artists from all walks of life and inspire a new generation of young creatives and activists.”

In February 2021, he launched the NFT collection ”Twin Flames“, a series of 100 portraits of Twins shot across America. The project has become the biggest NFT Photography collection.

We had chat with him to speak about his work, inspirations, his views about NFTs, and his new project QuantumArt.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers? Where are you from, where do you live ?
Hi, my name is Justin Aversano. I am from New York and I live in California!

Do you remember the first picture you ever took?
The first photograph I ever took is of my mother.

How would you describe your work and aesthetic?
The work I create is about humanity, documenting truth and expression. Portraiture is my favorite form of photography because I love people!

Tell us about your journey into photography?
I have been an artist and photographer my entire life. The lens of the camera is how I see the world.

Who are your biggest inspirations?
My biggest inspirations in photography are Diane Arbus & Kris Graves.

One year ago, you released your first NFT collection “Twin Flames“ which is considered the most important NFT Photography project so far. Could you tell us more about Twin Flames and its NFT collection?
Twin Flames is a portrait series of 100 twins from around the world. In honor of my fraternal twin.

You launched a few months ago Quantum Art, the first NFT Photography platform. What’s your vision and goal for Quantum?
The goal for Quantum is to bring highly curated and quality artworks to the blockchain that symbolize humanity and culture. To uplift artists around the world, while creating a market for collectors to be confident in the photography market at large.

Many people (especially lots of creatives/artists) are still very skeptical about NFTs, how do you explain that? what do you reply to them?
Try it out.

How do you see the future of NFTs and especially NFT photography?
The future of nfts for photographers is giving the power back to the creators.

Which advice would you give to somebody wanting to start in the NFT Space?
Start with the work you have been making since before the NFT space, the work you are most passionate about. Treat it like a museum or gallery exhibition.

What are you currently working on?
Smoke and Mirrors

To know more about Justin’s work, check his website, Instagram and Twitter.

Posted by:Somewhere Staff