One photo of a man standing on rainbow-colored mountains, while probably being drastically altered through Photoshop, gets hidden by Instagram for displaying false information, a new feature from Facebook that will start hiding all photoshopped content in its effort to battle fake news.

As stated by Instagram, the app determines the authenticity of an image using “a combination of feedback from our community and technology.” The photo is then passed on to third-party independent fact-checkers. If the image is deemed fake, the “False Information” warning message will be placed on the image. However, users still have the choice to view the actual image, as well as read up on why the photo was hidden in the first place.

This feature may make things harder for those who create digital art. While its capabilities of what is real and what is not are helpful in discerning false information, quite often made on purpose, digital artists on Instagram might need to work extra hard to get noticed.

Posted by:Staff