Witnessing a massive 70% growth in usage, Instagram Live has now been adorned with a new feature that makes donations way easier.

As Live was the primary tool for staying connected with fans and followers during the pandemic, Instagram decided to introduce new Donations feature. Users can slide over to “Live” on the bottom of the screen, select “Fundraiser” then choose a nonprofit or an individual listed, which count more than 1 million, since Instagram is connected to Facebook‘s own donation feature. In the U.S. for example, donations can be processed through major credit cards and PayPal. All 100% of the funds raised during the Instagram Live sessions will be given to the organization and all fees will be waived, and they will show the total amount of money raised in real-time as well as the number of supporters.

“Instagram Live has experienced 70% growth compared to last month. And even though some influencers have already been using Instagram for fundraisers, the Live Donations feature makes this easier — and a lot more powerful.” – Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product

Posted by:Staff