The social media platform has introduced a new feature to the account page, allowing users to share their pronouns.

Users can add up to four pronouns to their profile that appear next to their name, having an option to publicly display their pronouns or just to their followers.

While the latest update is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, Instagram has confirmed there are plans to make the feature available in more countries.

Instagram consulted several LGBTQ+ organizations — The Trevor Project, GLAAD and PFLAG — while creating its list of available pronouns. According to Mashable, the list currently includes:

  • co / cos
  • e / ey / em / eir
  • fae / faer
  • he / him / his
  • she / her / hers
  • mer / mers
  • ne / nir / nirs
  • nee / ner / ners
  • per / pers
  • they / them / theirs
  • thon / thons
  • ve / ver / vis
  • vi / vir
  • xe / xem / xyr
  • ze / zie / zir / hir

If a desired pronoun is not available from the list, Instagram has advised users to submit new pronouns in an online form.

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