Much like the “Disaster Girl” meme and other internet’s iconic pictures and videos that became immortalized as some of the most famous memes, one of YouTube’s original viral videos that has amassed over 880 million views, “Charlie Bit My Finger,” was recently sold as an NFT for approximately $760,999.

The highly endearing and funny clip sees baby Charlie Davies-Carr bite his older brother Harry’s finger. Howard Davies-Carr, the father of the two boys, initially posted the video on YouTube back in 2007 for friends and family to see, never anticipating the global success that followed.

The “Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT was sold to a user named “3fmusic” on NFT platform Origin Protocol. Later that day, a Twitter account with the same name — whose bio describes 3F Music as “one of the best and well equipped music studios in [the] Middle East” — tweeted “CHARLIE BIT ME!,” though it is not confirmed that the account is associated with the same user who won the auction.

Sadly, as the NFT buyer will be “the sole owner of this lovable piece of internet history,” the video is set to be removed from YouTube.

“While videos are deleted from YouTube every day, no one has ever had the audacity to delete a video with over 880 million views before,” Origin co-founder Josh Fraser said in a statement. ” The family agreed this would be a novel way to show how serious they are about this sale and also give more value to the one lucky bidder who wins this historic auction.”

Howard told CBS that the NFT’s sale “means that Harry goes to university and has a nice place to stay and doesn’t have to have a bar job.”

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