The glory days of Ibiza’s legendary nightlife might be temporarily over. Attracting millions of nightlife lovers since the 1960s, Ibiza has become globally renowned for its hedonistic atmosphere, but as the Balearic government announced a host of new rules in response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, new regulations introduced mean the majority of nightclubs will remain closed throughout this year’s season.

The rules state only venues with a capacity of 300 or under are allowed to operate but at a one-third capacity. The 100 visitors to these clubs are forbidden to step on the dancefloor and will have to remain seated. Additionally, establishments that sell alcohol will also be required to remain closed between 9.30 pm and 8.00 am. Another rule regarding alcohol abuse in tourist-heavy areas is targeting party boats and pub-crawling which can no longer advertise beverages.

The government predicts a “more sustainable and respectful tourism,” and aims to improve the “quality of life of tourists and residents.” Venues found flouting these restrictions will face fines of up to € 600,000 (approx. $677,000 USD) and could face permanent closure.

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