Hugo Boss’s new campaign was shot by Harley Weir with full cast including musician Soko, model and actor Devon Aoki, artist Alexandra Marzella and her boyfriend photographer Jasper Briggs, fashionist and entrepreneur Luka Sabbat, models Anwar HadidKiki Willems and Felix Gesnouin, and the bands “The Garden Wyatt” and “Fletcher Shears” twins. Hugo_harley_2 Hugo_harley_02 Hugo_harley_03 Hugo_harley_04 Hugo_harley_05 Hugo_harley_06 Hugo_harley_07 Hugo_harley_08 Hugo_harley_09 Hugo_harley_10 Hugo_harley_11 Hugo_harley_12 Hugo_harley_13 Hugo_harley_14 Hugo_harley_15 Hugo_harley_16 Hugo_harley_17 Hugo_harley_18 Hugo_harley_19

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