Calling it a “flawless launch,” AT&T‘s CEO John Stankey remarked on HBO Max’s stellar first month of its launch that counts 4.1 million subscribers — 3.1 million are regular retail customers, while the remaining 1 million are subscribed through affiliated AT&T wireless packages.

As of right now, HBO and HBO Max have a combined subscriber base of 36.3 million, marking a five percent increase since the end of 2019, and an earnings call on Thursday revealed the company aims to reach 50 to 55 million subscribers by 2025. Aside from the subscriber count, the engagement has also been positive, thanks to the “world-class content” HBO is offering, with 70 percent more average weekly viewing hours clocked than HBO’s other service, HBO Now. WarnerMedia tops the popularity table, whose six HBO Max originals all sitting in the top 25 most popular content pieces. Stankey also added that by August the streaming platform will have a total of 21 new originals, which he believes “will sustain our near-term sub acquisition effort.”

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