Visitors of the IKEA Taiwan’s Neihu branch will have the chance to try out new interesting and unique flavors of ice cream in the coming weeks.

IKEA Neihu’s restaurant and gourmet station feature a variety of foods such as “Garlic Butter Mussels”, “White Shrimp Roasted Vegetable Noodles”, and “Roasted Duck Breast in Sauce with Cherries”, but the main highlight is the ice cream in the choice of either cantaloupe or durian, which are tropical fruits popularly found in Asia. The menu features a “Durian Tower”, “Durian Ball”, “Durian Flavor Ice Cream”, and seasonally available “Hami Melon Ice Cream”.

Both the “Durian Flavor Ice Cream” and “Hami Melon Ice Cream” will retail for about $20 NTD (approximately $0.70 USD).

Posted by:Staff