Gregory Orekhov, a Russian sculptor and architect who is currently immersed in the process of creating contemporary sculpture series made with stainless steel, has recently unveiled his latest towering sculpture located in Moscow’s Malevich Park.

The sculpture, titled Black Square, is essentially a mirrored work designed to reflect the natural surroundings of the region, acting as a large-scale monument to honor the pioneering avant-garde artist and theorist, Kazimir Malevich which the park is named after.

The surreal aspect of this environmental work is immensely multiplied when one enters the passageway of the sculpture at the center. According to the artist, visitors will find themselves at a crossroad to either immerse themselves into the “square” or enter infinity.

“The viewer turns into an accomplice, falling into an endless corridor of reflections. The dynamics of the viewer’s movement become intriguing inside the static figure. The spatial development of the ‘Black Square’ lies within the structure: the transition from Malevich’s two-dimensional form to the three-dimensional form of Orekhov. Yet, a different universe emerges inside the sculpture — a multidimensional space that resembles a “laughing room” or the sci-fi/horror “Cube,” writes curator and art critic Mikhail Sidlin to Arch Daily.

Check out installation views for Black Square in the slideshow below.

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