Parisian gallery Templon is proud to present sprawling woven works by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota as part of the upcoming exhibition entitled Inner Universe.

The works expand upon the artist’s ongoing exploration of self-identity, the finiteness of existence, and eternity, including the signature box-like sculptures of red, white and black threads, and a sprawling installation comprised of sheets of paper that spiral upwards to the gallery’s glass roof which is certainly one of the exhibition’s highlights.

“The mysterious boxes deconstruct our conception of the body: levitating clothes, anatomy books, personal belongings. As if crystallized in these tight weavings, they bear witness to everyday life while raising universal, metaphysical questions,” said the gallery in a statement.

Open to the public from May 30 until July 25, Inner Universe is inviting you at Galerie Templon 30 Rue Beaubourg, Paris 75003, France.

Posted by:Staff