Futura returns for Hong Kong’s AllRightsReserved with the tall FL-006, a transparent plastic figure which has a very familiar shape, laden with some of his most recognizable symbols.

His Atoms motif sees swirling lines eclipsing one another in a shape that recalls an electron’s path around the nucleus. The Pointman is no less recognizable with its angular limbs and claws. This plastic figure branded with Futura Laboratories is one of Futura’s tallest character collectibles to date, standing about 35 inches tall, and it’s also extremely limited, with only 350 pieces ever released.

Appropriately, given Futura’s inclination towards cutting-edge tech, it includes a certificated NFC authenticity chip to guarantee its provenance. Enter the raffle for Futura Laboratories’ $1,950 FL-006 figure DDT Store’s website and expect the winners to be selected May 3.

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