If you’ve ever wondered who are the wealthiest self-made women of America, Forbes got you covered. The publication has released its sixth-annual ranking of the 100 richest self-made women across business and entertainment, collectively worth $90 billion.

Out of the top ten, Oprah Winfrey sits at ninth place with a $2.6 billion net worth. The remaining spots include Quibi CEO Meg Whitman, Little Caesars co-founder Marian Ilitch, and Diane Hendricks, who currently holds the highest net worth of $8 billion from her windows and roofing company ABC Supply. The pop girlies have also made the list, including Rihanna ($600 million), Beyoncé ($420 million), Taylor Swift ($365 million), Serena Williams ($225 million), and Jennifer Lopez ($150 million), however, they still have to earn their billionaire woman titles.

The youngest inclusion, Kylie Jenner, is listed with a net worth of $700 million. After an August 2018 Forbes magazine cover story stated Jenner was on track to be the youngest self-made billionaire, a March 2019 follow-up announced she had passed the marker. But Forbes rescinded its statement this May, alleging that Jenner presented false documents to its reporters — a claim which Jenner and her lawyers refuted.

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