In a recent interview with The Face, British singer FKA twigs revealed that she is currently working on an FX martial arts TV show.

The show is supposed to focus on the “deep connection” of “the Black community and the Chinese martial arts community.”

“It’s like a martial arts TV series which is very much centred around outsiders,” she explained in a statement made to Pitchfork, “and the idea of wanting to fit in but not being able to. I’ve been putting a lot of research into the way that the Black community and the Chinese martial arts community have a really deep connection. It goes into music: the Wu-Tang Clan came together almost through martial arts.”

Keeping it lowkey, twigs also appears to be busy working on her MAGDALENE follow-up. She mentioned that she had to change the title of her upcoming album because a popular artist also named their body of work with the same title. Stay tuned for more info on the series and the album.

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