A new photo published by The Sankei News documents Universal Studios Japan‘s massive theme-park project is finally coming together. The Super Nintendo World amusement park is nearly completed and here’s how it looks like.

Peach’s castle, located at the bottom left corner of the park, is the main entrance where visitors will be able to see Toad’s House and various structures referencing game stages immediately upon entering — Bowser’s Castle can be seen in the far distance. The park will be dotted with coin blocks, scaffolding holes, tunnels, Piranha Plants, mushrooms, trees, and a variety of landscapes commonly depicted in Super Mario games. A Mario Kart ride, built with a Nintendo 64-inspired polygonal design, an area depicting an ice level, “MARIO MOTORS” and other quirky structures are but a few striking features of the much-anticipated theme park.

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open during Spring 2021, ahead of the postponed Olympics.

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