Renowned Swedish label Acne Studios has teamed up with a fashion magazine, A Magazine Curated By, to release a book centering around the label’s headquarters located in the Swedish capital. The 1970s brutalist building which features furnishings by Max Lamb was once the Embassy of Czechoslovakia and is now home to Acne Studios.

Bearing the title by the Stockholm address, Floragatan 13, the book gradually tells the story of each floor, starting from management on the 6th, and working its way down. In 100 pages, it shows a range of different spaces within the building, covering everything from creative director Jonny Johansson’s office to the ground floor library, the underground library, and the photo studio. Alongside the exploration of the building itself, personal anecdotes from Johansson also tell the story of the Acne Studios headquarters.

Flogaratan 13 additionally includes quotes from Johannes Norlander, teams from across the company, and external artistic collaborators, as well as photography by Philippe Chancel. It mentions lighting designed by Benoit Lalloz, fabric collages by Daniel Silver, and furniture by Max Lamb, who also discusses his stone furniture project in the building’s lobby.

Floragatan 13 Curated By Acne Studios is designed by Savvy Studio and it’s available now from the A Magazine Curated By web store. It comes in an embossed envelope in a matte grey card, chosen as a nod to the building’s concrete façade.

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