SUB-MERGE, a new group exhibition organized by London-based creative studio Emulsion, aims to shed light on the relationship between mental health, technology, and art while aiding vital mental health services. Several artists were brought to explore themes of artifice, nature, identity, and perceptions of reality in response to recent world events.

Nick Hadfield, Emulsion’s photo and film editor, says in a statement: “2020 has put considerable strains, changes, and impacts on our mental state. SUB-MERGE is a reaction to one of our generation’s biggest challenges – our relationship with technology.”

Featured artists include Harley Weir, Jordan Hemingway, Olga Fedorova, Jon Emmony, Ed Atkins, Will Grundy, Cédric Kouamé, Luisa Whitton, Mariken Wessels, and more. Each work in the exhibition has been captured using different techniques “in order to represent the ephemeral realities we each live today” as per a statement.

Prints will be available to purchase for £100, with 100% of profits going to the mental health charity MIND. View a selection of images from the exhibition in the gallery below.

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