Based on a short story by the author V.E. Schwab, Netflix is busy making its next key project for 2021, titled First Kill. Originally part of a wider vampire anthology called Vampires Never Get Old, the Twilight-esque lesbian vampire story is getting its TV adaptation, as announced by the streaming giant.

The story is set in a small American town. Juliette, a teenage vampire girl, is expected to prove herself to her family and secure her first kill soon. Her main focus becomes the new girl in town, called Calliope, but when she comes to seduce her, all along with the intention of sinking her teeth into her neck, Juliette finds that Calliope is, in fact, a vampire hunter. And so, a complicated game of romantic cat and mouse comes to the fore.

As for the scripts, V.E. Schwab will be responsible for ensuring the adaptation stays faithful to her original source material, while the production part goes to someone quite experienced in these types of series, and that is American Horror Story star, Emma Roberts, precisely her production company, Belletrist Productions. It’s still unknown whether she will star in the series herself, but no matter who will play Juliette and Calliope, the couple is bound to be the next big talk of Hollywood.

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