Last night (January 31), Elon Musk invited fans to join him in a Clubhouse Q&A, where he answered questions about memes, building civilizations on Mars, and COVID-19 vaccines. The SpaceX founder then interviewed Robinhood’s CEO to discuss the GameStop saga.

Overall, the event was permeated with chaotic energy, the Clubhouse room quickly reached its capacity of 5,000 people, meaning nobody else could join. As a result, livestreams of the chat began circulating on other social media channels, while overflow rooms on Clubhouse streamed the audio. As Clubhouse is an invitation only social networking app, the external livestreams opened the chat up to a wider audience.

At the event, Musk talked about colonizing Mars, which he previously predicted will happen by 2026. A live blog by TechCrunch detailed what Musk said, explaining that journeying to Mars would be “hard” for the early pioneers, but added that it’s a matter of keeping the “candle of civilization alive in the dark”.

“He who controls the memes controls the universe,” said Musk, adding that it’s about what “influences the zeitgeist”. Although Musk doesn’t follow memes himself – instead his friends send him ones they think he’d like – he said he finds them “aspirationally funny” and “very insightful”.

Musk went on to talk about his companies Neuralink and Tesla, claiming that the latter has one of the strongest artificial intelligence teams in the world. With AI, he said, it’s about “how we stay relevant”, adding that “people are already a cyborg”.

Discussing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Musk said working remotely had been “tricky” for him, and said of switching between topics on various Zoom calls: “Fear is not the mind-killer, context is the mind-killer.” On the COVID-19 vaccines, he said “there is going to be an avalanche of vaccine” coming this year, and added that he is “not an anti-vaxxer, I am a pro-vaxxer”.

Watch the full Clubhouse interview with Elon Musk and the Robinhood CEO part below.

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