Forecasting the plan to succeed in 6 years (or 4, if we’re lucky), Elon Musk mentioned SpaceX’s mission to bring humans to Mars in a recent interview.

He is “fairly confident” in this timeline, adding that it would be SpaceX’s Starship that would be launching to space. This is based on the fact that Earth and Mars share similar patterns of orbits around the sun, though Mars’ is more elliptical than Earth’s — relative orbits of around 26 months. The aerospace company aims to do an uncrewed mission at the next window, which appears to be two years from now. Musk explained that if luck is on his side, the first human Mars landing could happen in four years instead of six when Mars and Earth’s orbits line up.

The world’s second-richest person as of lately is focused on making sure that the proper technology is in place to “make life interplanetary” by getting “a lot of people to go to Mars,” while establishing “a base on the moon.”

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