Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Foam Talent, an event organized by Foam Magazine that showcases the next generation of photographers each year, is going to be held as a digital exhibition.

The digital exhibition will incorporate audio, video, and effects to display works by this year’s 19 finalists, and aims to present photography in respect of the digital space: without museum walls, boundaries, and constraints, with an overarching theme that is the idea of portraiture.

“The exhibition nods to the explorative nature of visiting a museum,” Foam said in a press release, “yet instead of attempting to recreate it, leads a viewer in a way for them to discover and experience new things: digitally native, intuitively.” Foam Talent | Digital will run alongside the artists’ features in Foam Magazine #55: Talent, as well as the touring installation, which was on display in Berlin until November 1, and will head to Amsterdam from December 18 2020 to April 7 2021.

Some of the notable names that will be featured in exhibition include Alba Zari, Karla Hiraldo Voleau, Micha Serraf, and Rahima Gambo.

Take a look at some of the works below. Foam Talent | Digital is open to the public here from today (November 19) and will run until April 21 2021.

From the series PVC Meatway, 2018
A Pre-Archaeology of the Hawaiian Myth, from the series Escape from Paradise, 2019
From the series An Elegy for the Death of Hamun, 2018
The Rebirth of Red Lotus, from the series Red Lotus, 2019
From the series Flashpoints, 2013-ongoing
From the series Charlie Surfs on Lotus Flowers, 2015-2018
From the series The Splitting of the Chrysalis and the Slow Unfolding of the Wings, 2018
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