Daniel Arsham is not taking a break since the start of the year, having many exhibitions and features coming along. Adding to his expansive portfolio of deconstructed sculptural collectibles, he launches CRYSTAL RELIC 002, a follow-up to the 001 that is the iconic New York Yankees baseball cap. This time it is a cast-resin remake of another familiar silhouette: the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Including even the smallest details of Nintendo’s original handheld console, like the D-pad, power button, “GAME BOY” logo below the screen and legal jargon on the rear, it is a striking resemblance of the beloved 90’s gadget, and it also boasts in a matching Super Mario Land cartridge with the artwork that neatly mirrors the cover of Mario’s first portable console outing.

Available in an exclusive edition of 500 pieces, CRYSTAL RELIC 002 will release on Daniel Arsham’s website on January 17.

In addition, read about Arsham’s latest exhibition at Galerie Perrotin Paris here.

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