Currently on display at Gagosian London, is a solo exhibition by renowned British artist Damien Hirst. Aptly titled Fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures, the exhibition challenges societal norms and consumerism, through the use of hyperrealistic oil paintings and ready made sculptures.

The Fact painting series go on since 2000, and it is essentially a collection of reproductions of photos done on canvas. “A photograph is from a moment. Painting is about stopping to look at the world, considering it, and giving it more importance,” the artist stated.

Fact Sculptures however, pairs unlikely pieces to shed light on the absurdity of their respective definitions. For instance, the Snob (2006–20) and Tosser (2006–20) works, feature fancy jewelry cabinets juxtaposed with garbage bags and cans. With these works, Hirst underscores “the significance of consumer goods and product packaging, the high with the low,” as per Gagosian.

“At a moment when the idea of ‘truth’ has never been more tenuous, Hirst’s Fact Paintings and Sculptures question the obduracy of ‘fact’ as a governing principle of society.”

Take a look at some of the works from Fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures below and then head to Gagosian’s website for more information.

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