Marking the designer’s runway debut at Paris Fashion Week, Craig Green showcased his Fall/Winter 2020 collection this Sunday morning, presenting a variety of utilitarian-geared goods that played with the abstract.

The collection is an eclectic blend of tough-minded styles and garments that draw from the scientific and the medieval, with the first half of the collection featuring outerwear that resembles a type of protective armor. As the runway continued, Cage ventured into the conceptual extravagant pieces that look straight out of the Middle Ages. His love for quilting and embroidery can clearly be seen throughout the collection. For the finale, these characteristics were expanded upon in a set of pieces resembling camping tents, with ladders hanging from the front, and even in pieces that looked like wire mesh attached to the body.

“It’s the idea that you’re given an outfit from birth, and you’ve unfolded it and adapted it, but you’re still carrying it all with you…It’s the idea that you are what you’ve been. That you wear the imprint of your past on you,” shared Green about the collection. Check some of the most notable pieces below.

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