Appropriately named, the ReBurberry Fabric program has recently been launched by the fashion label, similar to Alexander McQueen’s effort, which gifted old fabrics to 14 different universities earlier this year. It aims to offer U.K. fashion students a needed supply of unused Burberry fabric.

The initiative launched in partnership with the British Fashion Council will provide students with rolls of leftover Burberry fabrics to use in their collections – sadly, sans the iconic Burberry check – with the hope of crafting a sustainable model that other fashion brands can follow in the future.

“Providing resources for the next generation of diverse voices across the country in a sustainable way will enable them to bring their creativity to life, and continue through their programs with the tools they need,” the label explained in a statement. “We look forward to seeing how donations can positively impact these academic institutions and students, and hope this is the beginning of a wider industry initiative to support these communities, now and in the future.”


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