Global gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art, Gagosian, working at eighteen exhibition spaces across the United States, Europe, and Asia, is opening up its newest gallery in Athens. This fall, the inaugural exhibition at the new gallery space in the Greek capital will highlight works by American painter, Brice Marden. The gallery deemed Athens the perfect city during the time of lockdown, as little coronavirus cases there, compared to the numbers stateside allow for easier exhibition management.

The premier art dealer already has a smaller gallery in the city since 2009, but the forthcoming establishment will be much larger and located in “free-standing Neoclassical building in the same neighborhood which offers our artists an expanded exhibition space and allows us to further engage with the local collectors and scene,” as stated by the director of Gagosian Athens Christina Papadopoulou to The Art Newspaper. “Greece is home to some major collections of contemporary art and there’s a rapidly developing vibrant young collectors scene.”

Continuously refining and extending the traditions of lyrical abstraction, Brice Marden experiments with self-imposed rules, limits, and processes, and draws inspiration from his extensive travels. He is known for bringing together the diagrammatic formulations of Minimalism, the immediacy of Abstract Expressionism, and the intuitive gesture of calligraphy in his exploration of gesture, line, and color.

“I can’t think of a more fitting artist to open the new space in Athens than Brice Marden,” said gallery owner, Larry Gagosian. “The marble sourced for these paintings was found on the island of Hydra, where Brice has had a studio for close to 50 years. It’s almost like a homecoming.”

Visit Gagosian’s website for more details. The address is 22 Anapiron Polemou Street, Athens, Greece.

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