What a way to comply with a cease and desist letter.

Back in 2019, New York-based visual artist Cj Hendry received a cease and desist letter from legendary photographer Michael Halsband in which he urged her to “destroy the artwork,” with him citing “copyright infringement.” The controversial artwork is a realistic illustration based on an iconic photograph by Halsband portraying Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat brandishing boxing gloves.

Instead of just getting rid of her piece, the artist recorded herself spray-painting over the drawing and minted it as a one of one NFT on SuperRare which is currently up for auction.

“It’s extraordinary that a piece can take hundreds of hours to make and seconds to eliminate it from existence,” she said in a description.

Aptly titled COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, the recording currently has a high bid of 2.75 ETH (approximately $6,685). Check out a still from the clip below the article and then head to SuperRare’s website to bid on the work with the auction ending this April 16.

Posted by:Staff