GANksy paints graffiti in Banksy style.

Developer Matt Round has created a GANksy bot based on GAN neural networks. He trained for five days on the “work of a certain artist” – despite the apparent reference to Banksy in the title, Round does not mention the artist’s name for legal reasons, notes The Art Newspaper.

From work itself, GANksy also shows whose style it tries to imitate (or at least interpret). He seems to be trying… But the result is a bit more reminiscent of shots from horror movies. Round himself describes his development as “an extravagant genius whose work reflects our turbulent times.”

According to the developer himself, his project does not infringe Banksy’s copyright. “I hope he appreciates this as a fun, creative project,” says Round. And he emphasizes that GANksy has its style of work, which has nothing to do with Banksy.

GANksy is far from the first attempt to use GAN in art. Back in 2018, Christieʼs sold a painting painted with artificial intelligence at an auction. The portrait went to the buyer for 432 thousand dollars.

Posted by:Somewhere Team