The Swedish label returns with a new “Welcome to Stockholm” capsule, adopting real-life references from its hometown where nothing screams bold authenticity more than everyday graffiti.

Honoring the Swedish capital’s quick wit and spontaneity, Acne Studios’ minimal, contemporary silhouettes channel the rawness of graffiti-clad walls rather than accomplished street art. Consisting of a range of mesh long-sleeved tops, jersey sweaters, T-shirts plus an array of accessories including tote bags and scarves, the graphics feature depictions of a “City Rat”, “Beat Cat” and “Underground Bear” in sprawled graffiti-style drawings. The bleached-like garments possess a pastel color palette of putty, lilac, blue, chartreuse and brick red each attributed to a specific character represented.

Capsule photographer and film director Anders Edström explained “I walk past Frihamnen almost every day with my dog and almost every time I take some pictures, so it was the first thing I thought of for this shoot. In all the cities I’ve lived in, I’ve always been attracted to the places that were abstract, not so defined, where you can make up your own world, where you can dream. Frihamnen is a place like that.”

Acne Studios’ “Welcome to Stockholm”2021 collection is currently available to purchase via the brand’s website.

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