Record label and management company 88rising has teamed up with YEENJOY STUDIO for a special incense chamber and t-shirt collection. Titled “Double Dragon,” the chamber is entirely made of delicate porcelain and is limited to only 300 pieces.

Featuring motifs and elements inspired by the iconography of Chinatowns across the USA, the chamber stands just under a foot and a half tall at its highest point, the centerpiece is guarded by two imposing serpentine dragons coiled around its sides. Chinese characters in addition to co-branded 88rising and YEENJOY STUDIO text embellishes the centerpiece of the chamber.

The accompanying t-shirt is done up in black and places a full-color print of the incense chamber on its chest, surrounded by lightning bolts plus gold “Double Dragon” characters and Chinese text.

The 88rising x YEENJOY STUDIO “Double Dragon” incense chamber is available at HBX now, and is priced at $500.

Posted by:Staff