Graphic designer working in the NFT field Andre Oshea has released a redesigned version of his Chadwick Boseman tribute token, an artwork first commissioned for unofficial Oscars gift bags.

The original artwork faced backlash on social media which inspired Oshea to create a redesigned piece titled “A Young Boy’s Dream.” It renders a young Black child walking in awe through a fantasy realm, where influences from Boseman’s seminal Black Panther role are scattered throughout. Altars on either side of the imaginative universe pay tribute to monumental moments in the actors life, including his on-screen roles as James Brown, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson and Levee Green, as well as his wedding and graduation from Howard University.

“My focus when creating this piece was centered around the environment,” Oshea said in a release. “Creating a world that’s filled with wonderment, legacy and soul. It was important to me that this piece felt more like a celebration and education of what one can do when they believe in their creative abilities. Chadwick has set an example for Black creatives of all generations, and we should carry his torch with us.”

Previously Andre took to Instagram late this month to announce the new version and apologize for “any upset caused” by the original. “I now recognize that Chadwick’s face is a triggering reminder of his death rather than his life, and I will be redesigning the artwork to be auctioned off later this week.” he wrote, adding that he was one of several artists contacted by Nomine(ETH), a separate entity from the Oscars, to create the NFT artwork.

“A Young Boy’s Dream” will be auctioned off in partnership with Black NFT Art and will directly benefit The Colon Cancer Foundation, with a 50 percent pledge to support their tireless work in fighting the disease that ultimately led to Boseman’s death last year.


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