We have decided to offer a one-to-one mentorship program to photographers to help them improve their work and reach the next level in their photography.

From where you are to where you want to be, we’ll help you evaluate your work and set-up a strategy to help you reach your goals.

This program will have 3 distinctive parts :

Introduction / Portfolio review :

  • portfolio review : strenghs/weakness
  • audit of your Instagram / website / social medias
  • your ambitions
  • your inspirations


  • definition of your goals
  • how to organize and present your work
  • how to spread / promote your work
  • social media strategies
  • help to get more followers on Instagram


  • help in developping your style / personnality
  • for a duration or one (or two months), you will have access to us to answer your questions,
  • help/feedback on your new work in terms of ideas/concepts/casting/art-direction etc
  • regular Q&A
  • help/feedback on your series ideas and future projects
  • counsel on editing your work and choosing the right pictures
  • help to submit your work to right persons (agents, magazines, galeries etc)

Conclusion :

Evaluation of the changes and improvement.

Definition of middle-term/long term strategy.

How will it work ?

First we will ask you to send us your portfolio/website/social medias. After having a look to them, we will send you back a review, with a list of questions, and starting from that, the program will start.

The exchange will be by e-mail and/or skype.

The program can be adaptable to your needs / style of photography or career goals.


How much will it cost ?

299€ for one month or 499€ for two months.

or just 99€ for Introduction / Portfolio Review + Strategy 


Only a few spots are available, so first arrived first served


Note : If you’re not happy with our service, you can be refunded anytime.

So if you have any questions and/or are interested, write us right now at hello@somewhere-magazine