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In the past 10 years, via our platform Somewhere Magazine and its sister website MVOD, we have been promoting visual arts and upcoming artists. We have given people exposure, and we have been constantly been sharing high quality inspiration in the field of music videos, photography and visual arts.

We have decided to launch a membership section to provide more value to our community and help them grow and develop their career. Somewhere Magazine is now evolving in a more global direction about culture in general : music, art, photography pop-culture. But this membership section will re-focus on image-making to help grow as artists, get career advices and tips.

This Membership section will be soon turned into a dedicated website (which will be called Somewhere Institute that will be released pretty soon. (in the next month)

Membership Features 

  • Full access to Somewhere Institute (website to come)
  • Privileged submissions : we get tons of submissions everyday to get posted on our Instagram and/or website. Members will get more easily in our radar and have access to a specific e-mail to ease submissions
  • Private – Facebook group : you will have access to a private Facebook group where you will be able to get feedback on your work and share ideas.
  • Exclusive content : the idea is to provide you with usefull ressources and content to help you grow and develop. We will share articles and interviews in different fields such as social media, career management, inspiration, technical subjects etc. This content will be more career/technical oriented than the content we actually share.
  • Discount : discount on our services such as mentoring, portfolio review and affiliate products

How will it work ? 

Once registered you will receive some e-mail from us giving you the informations : dedicated e-mail, facebook group etc

Until the release of the dedicated website : you will receive the informations and exclusive content via E-mail.

It costs 40€ for 11 months (instead of 60€)

Become a member -> Here

20 first members get a shout-out

For any question, please reach us at