New artist in our series about Swedish female newcomers to follow in 2018 : Winona Oak. 

She will release music under her own name only this fall, but trust us, you should definitely remember her name. She appeared earlier this year on a song of Australian artist What So Not.


We asked her a few questions to get to know her :

What’s the first record you bought? 

Hmm.. I was pretty spoiled with great music since my sisters always gave me mixtapes with my favorite songs. But one of the first records I ever bought myself was Coldplay « A rush of blood to the head ». – still one of my favorites.


Your music in 3 words ?

Like real love ?

Do you have a track that made you want to become a musician? 

I have a couple of them but it was more about how they made me feel. How these songs could bring me different memories, emotions and make my brain spin around a specific moment or person. I’ve always chased that feeling with my own music.


Your biggest fear ?

Selfish but honest: to lose what’s in my heart. The people I love and everything that makes life beautiful in a cruel world.


What makes you laugh ?

My own jokes… or my mom, she makes me laugh like no other.


What makes you cry? 

I have to admit I can be a cry baby sometimes. Strong emotions makes me cry – both happy and sad.


What you would do if you were not a musician?

I’d probably drink too much coffee and write books, take photos and still work with music in one way or another.


Your guilty pleasure?

Cheese snacks that smells like feet and taste like heaven.

Follow her on Instagram : Winona Oak 

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