Online-Course : Conquer Instagram for Photographers

We’re getting tons of e-mails and messages of people asking us for advices on how to get more followers on Instagram. In a few years we managed to create one of the most influent Instagram photography-page. As Instagram users but also as photography-media, we thought it would be worth sharing our insights and offering you an online-course to help you step-up your Instagram-game and get tons of new followers !

In the past 4 years, we have been experiencing growing our own account from zero to almost 500k and studying how to do it, but also reviewing, and watching the progression of hundreds of photographers.

So, in this course, we’re going to share everything we learnt in the past 4 years, the tips, the advices, what works and what does not and basically how to understand better this social media, so you can do the best of it !

Here’s the program : 

1/ Why is Instagram so important ?
2/ The most important point of your success
3/ Optimize your account right now !
4/ When and how often to post ?
5/ What you should or you should not post
6/ Hashtags, how to use them
7/ Buys fans, pros and cons
8/ Improve your Instagram presence
9/ How to appear in the Explore page
10/ Collaborate with people
11/ Get new followers now ! – Part 1
12/ Get new followers now ! – Part 2
13/ How to get your work shared/featured
14/ Make money on Instagram

How it is gonna work ? 
You will get daily for a duration of 14 days, a newsletter giving you informations/tips/technics/advices of how you can upgrade your Instagram account and get tons of new followers.

How to subscribe ? 
you’ll just have to pay 12 € to this LINK, and you will start to receive our e-mails starting from next monday 4 pm.